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Any dog not confined, tied, leashed or muzzled is declared a public nuisance and may be impounded.

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Use of the phrase “any person injured" does not show that the legislature intended to allow recovery under this section only when a violation of this section causes personal injuries, as opposed to economic losses. The substitute tag shall be of a durable material and contain the same information as the rabies vaccination tag.

The clerk of every town, city or village wholly or partly within the quarantine district shall promptly post in at least 3 public places in the town, city or village, notices of quarantine furnished by the department for posting.

The law enforcement agency shall ensure that the dog is confined when not performing law enforcement functions until the 3rd examination has been performed.

An officer who orders a dog or cat to be quarantined shall deliver the animal or shall order the animal delivered to an isolation facility as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours after the original order is issued or the officer may order the animal to be quarantined on the premises of the owner if the animal is immunized currently against rabies as evidenced by a valid certificate of rabies vaccination or other evidence.

If an officer delivers a dog or orders a dog to be delivered to an isolation facility and the dog is exempt from the requirement to be vaccinated against rabies under If a dog or cat is ordered to be quarantined because there is reason to believe that the animal bit a person, the custodian of an isolation facility or the owner shall keep the animal under strict isolation under the supervision of a veterinarian for at least 10 days after the incident occurred.

If the dog or cat is suspected to have bitten a person, the veterinarian shall notify the person or the person's physician. The veterinarian or local health department shall prepare the carcass, properly prepare and package the head of the animal in a manner to minimize deterioration, arrange for delivery by the most expeditious means feasible of the head of the animal to the state laboratory of hygiene and dispose of or arrange for the disposal of the remainder of the carcass in a manner which minimizes the risk of exposure to any rabies virus.