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The magazine, or some such (I’m sorry to say the name escapes me), had articles by both Barnaby Conrad (on bullfighting) and screen actor-seafarer-adventurer Sterling Hayden, and both guys’ faces were on the cover, small, above brief story slugs, Barnaby looking baby-faced and hawk-eyed, his skin cleaving to his neck and jawline as neatly as the velour on a newly upholstered love seat. On returning home, I immediately got Conrad’s contact info from Penny Davies and let him know by e-mail that I had, by some truly odd miracle that at this writing still wows me, stumbled upon this totem from his past, and several thousand miles away. He arranged to come into the store some days hence, and when he did come in he seemed to be affecting an almost endearingly inept show of nonchalance.

By way of compensating me for my troubles, he almost churlishly, it seemed, tossed onto the counter a copy of his moving and frank recovery memoir, .

In that time, Barnaby Conrad seemed to be one of the leading lights of the gang that gathered there.

He was now this older guy with a spotted scalp and uncertain shuffle heading for a bookstore exit door; a muleta disguised as a doily.

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On the opposite page, sometimes called the Half-Title page of a book, he’d written “Best Wishes to Jeff – A GOOD FATHER!