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Dating without drama book

Abusers will try every tactic in the book to push buttons in order to gain a reaction.

What happens is with everyone we are connected to a dynamic is in place.

Patterns, routines and habits all form an existence and people with a personality disorder will be highly skilled in working out our next move before we have even considered it.

It is also imperative to remember that abusers aren’t always acting from a conscious level and can be wholly unaware that they are causing any harm.

They may also turn on their full charm so that they mesmerise their victim once again.

It will take a little while for an abuser to realise that things have reached a head and that they are no longer in control.

They will work on the most probable outcome and think that as they have been able to achieve a response in the past, their skills are still sharp and they can work out new ways to cause a reaction.

Abusers aren’t so interested in positive energy anyway, so the anger, frustration, resentment and aggression that we give out are a perfect and satisfying meal for an abuser.