Start Ten year age gap dating

Ten year age gap dating

What are the biggest problems you've run into as a result of dating someone older/younger?

They connect well with people who are at a certain (younger) age, but in a relationship the younger person will grow up and face life in a different way and the older one will not. There were a number of other issues that caused the demise of the marriage, but that did contribute significantly. I dated a guy more than ten years older for a few months.

He was one of those people who looks and seems younger than his age and we had a lot of shared hobbies and interests (like music, food choices, outlook on politics, and the type of entertainment that we liked for example).

How much does it matter if the woman is older as opposed to the man?

Did things change after the younger person reached a certain age?

We have stayed friends, and the guy I almost married when he was 27 is in his 50s now.

And he is still in a different phase of life than I am! We didn't sleep together, but stayed in touch and visited each other.

In both of the marriages I know of with an age gap, the women for sure are not happy, and one has even cheated and continues to (unbeknownst to the husband), but the women refuse to divorce their husbands and the problems are not going away, yet these are considered successful marriages. We didn't last long, and (on my end, at least) a good part of it was due to being in such different phases of life.

One thing that struck me was that communication would be made difficult simply because the same words would mean different things to each of us.

I also went out on date with a guy more than 10 years younger than me. Unlike with the older guy, I couldn't relate to him.

I have heard success stories of people with large age gaps, but I don't know them well enough to corroborate.

I only know two couples with a large age gap very well.