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So batten down the hatches and get ready for one long read (or one hell of a skim) because we’ve got the Top 100 Movies of 2014 just a’waiting for you.

Lewis, transforming the town around them into Lewis’s own personal fantasyland.

The gimmick is cute (without being too syrupy) and at times touching, reminiscent in tone to last year’s equally cheery/droll Philomena, and is an easy recommendation for the masses of moms and pops looking for a feel-gooder.” “Reviewing comedy is a fickle game and one given over largely to subjectivity but for me, the comedy here really works, improving on a formula that looked better on paper than it actually was the first time around. The first film was a half rack of ribs, occasionally tasty but built on chalky bones, while this is pure brisket; a tenderer cut that trims the fat and leaves just the jokes.

It’s not always perfect and may run a touch too long but it works heartily as a well-greased, appropriately artful affair.

And for those expecting another Taken, don’t be scared off. Katz to Rodney Ascher each take on a letter and massage them into some half-relevant short and the percentage of hits to duds is super impressive.

The dead air has been filled with sweat, nicknames, non-sequitor and flagrant exaggeration.

The archetypes are racketed up well past the point of normalcy with the energy of the group solidified in a sense of juvenile glee nothing short of infectious.” (Full Review) “With easy humor courtesy of Neeson’s growled quips, well-directed drizzly dramatics and a thick air of hardboiled, gloomy atmospherics, A Walk Among The Tombstones brings to life the aged marvel of a good noir.

Being a bit of a dedicated haunted house aficionado, the dramatic tension that exists in is is one any person who’s second-guessed an interactive horror experience can reason with: but what if they actually kill me?