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Alex gaskarth meg dating

It really helps bring you back to home and makes you level headed when you take a second to enjoy what you’re actually doing.

Click here to watch the video for "Something's Gotta Give." Can you give me an update on the band’s tour schedule?

We’ve recently completed a co-headlining tour in the U. It was our first arena headlining tour with some of the biggest shows we’ve ever done. We’ve been at home for eight months now and are pretty prepared for the whole whirlwind of what’s about to happen. Do you ever get caught up in the whirlwind of touring from city to city or are you able to take a step back and enjoy the moment?

We do a really good job of taking a step back and relaxing.

We’re all very close with our crew and during days off we all have a good time enjoying the city that we’re in.

There's a lot of things people know and love about All Time Low and we want to stay true to that process, but we're always looking for new ways to shift the style and the sound so as not to be redundant. “Future Hearts” will feature exciting collaborations with the likes of Joel Madden and Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus. Their music helped shape me as an artist and a writer, so to have them collaborating with us on this record is an honor.

What can you tell us about the songs you recorded with both and what was the studio time with Joel and Mark like? They both have such a signature style that really adds to the dynamic of the album. When “Future Hearts” is released you’ll have a catalog of 6 studio albums. ATL: We'll go as long as people want to hear new music from All Time Low! So far, it continues to grow every time we play, so we have no reason to stop! This spring you’ll be making your big screen debut in the Meg Ryan film, “Fan Girl”, and you’ll be providing the soundtrack as well. Was it difficult making songs that had to fit a movie’s storyline?

You shocked everybody with the music video for “Something's Gotta Give”. How did you come up with this treatment and what exactly did you want to convey with it (related to the lyrics? ATL: Our director, Chris Marrs, came up with the concept when he heard the line, "I'm dying to live...".

Suddenly he had this hilarious treatment of a zombie in denial that just wants to be accepted, but has no idea he's eating and murdering everything in sight.

I think that when you’re telling a story in a song it makes it easier to write. What can you tell me about the first single, "Something’s Gotta Give”?

That song was written by Alex with a friend from Baltimore.

At first, we weren’t sure if it would ever come to fruition.