Start Are we dating or just friends with benefits

Are we dating or just friends with benefits

Let’s be honest, maintaining a FWB ain’t easy; there’s always that chance of someone developing feelings and wondering why a relationship is out of the question.

Instead you find that you like doing other things with your ‘friend’; for instance you both like jiving in a karaoke club or biking for long distances.

You meet in an art gallery and spend an enjoyable afternoon browsing through paintings or take part in a cooking class and have fun trying out recipes.

Reading into that extra x at the end of his message, or questioning why he’s taking longer than usual to text back?

You’re either catching feelings for him, or you’re just ready for a real relationship in general.

But what looks easy on paper is often much more difficult to follow in real life.

So if you begin to suspect that your friends with benefit relationship is turning into something deeper, here are a ten signs to watch out for.

Your bed feels empty when he’s not in it, and that means he could be sleeping over way too much.