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a facade which he has built to build his own kingdom.

Mr Frantz says he, like other men, never consented to the sexual acts and that it could happen to anyone. a facade which he has built to build his own kingdom." Underlying it all was the peculiar policy created and described by Williams as a "bundschaft", a special relationship between two men.

Mr Forkin said the policy of the bundschaft was mandatory for all senior men in the CAI.

And then at two o'clock he sends everybody out of the room and out of everywhere else and he usually picks somebody to stay with him, to get more training." As the years went on and he was more sure that things were going his way or going the Lord's way, he was more confident to express that we were a waste of space, useless heathen and would burn in hell and "the devil would rip our balls off" in a man's case.

Four Corners has been told that Williams would choose a man to stay back with him and spend the night with him, ordering them to surrender and submit to him for the Lord's training.

Four Corners approached Williams, whose full name is Anthony Scott Williams, and senior people in the church.

All declined requests for interviews and refused to answer the program's questions. He has groomed people, particularly men and boys ... The Pentecostal church which he represents is just ...

Warping biblical scripture to carry out perverse sexual acts, Williams began to hold regular men's nights.

During these nights, the males attending would be asked to undress and participate in mass massage sessions.

Today, the CAI boasts an impressive multi-million-dollar property portfolio including Pitversie House and Douglas House, a hotel in Abernethy, Scotland.

All were renovated to luxurious standards by church members, who have told Four Corners they worked hundreds of hours updating the properties while Williams monitored their work and punished them for any mistakes or minor misdemeanours.

The CAI headquarters may be in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, but the organisation began in the small German town of Feldafing in the late 1970s.