Start Skype adult chat rooms 2013

Skype adult chat rooms 2013

From time to time some events may be recorded for archival purposes.

It must've been such a shock for you to find out that she's been talking to this man.

I have an 11 year old and can only imagine the distress thus is causing you.

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We found my 11year old daughter had run up a bill on her mobile, which she claimed was from ringing X factor.

We checked with our Internet provider who gave us more information and a consumer organisation to contact.

Should they not receive a reply, they have the ability and duty to remove you from the room.

(b) Public text chatting is strongly discouraged in our chat rooms. (c) Recording either through mechanical or electronic means is prohibited in all our rooms except by authorized individuals.

I think I would have to seek some expert advice prior to doing anything about this to get it straight in my own head before speaking to her.

It may be worth contacting the NSPCC advise line or Childline and having a talk to them about how best to approach this issue.

I do think you need to speak to her about it, she obviously doesn't understand at that age the full extent of her actions and you need to make her aware of the dangers of doing it and also to find out the route of where she has found out the explicit things?