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Who is max irons dating

‘I’d done a couple of Hollywood franchise films [Red Riding Hood and The Host] and I didn’t really want to do a third. And that was the feedback: “Not young and pretty.” I thought: “Great – now the really interesting roles will come my way.”’ Taking a positive from a negative seems to sum Irons up, he’s definitely a glass half-full kind of guy.

w=165&quality=80&strip=all&h=240" width="165" height="240" / Jamie Lee Curtis (Tony Curtis/Janet Leigh) With two Hollywood legends for parents, Curtis earned her own top billing in hit movies Halloween, True Lies and Freaky Friday.

Laura Dern (Bruce Dern/Diane Ladd) The star of Enlightened is from top Hollywood stock: her veteran father was in Django Unchained; her mother co-starred in Wild At Heart.

What’s clear is that Irons junior wants to be seen to be making it on his own merit. He’s got a brace of promising movies coming up – the title role in a biopic of Vivaldi and the lead in Lone Scherfig’s adaptation of Posh, Laura Wade’s hit stage play.

For now, though, there’s The White Queen, which gives Irons the chance to show his sensitive side with a dash of the action hero thrown in: he’s called upon to gallop about quite a bit and pulls it off convincingly.

quality=80&strip=all&w=666&h=1000" width="666" height="1000" / Romance is a sweet word – The White Queen is a touch hotter than that.

But given that it’s a co-production between the BBC and Starz – the US outfit of full-frontal Spartacus fame – I remark to Irons that the sex scenes are remarkably tasteful, which provokes a broad grin. I just have to go to the gym to make sure I keep the weight on, otherwise I go skinny.

I must have been a submarine in another life.’ Quite a character, that Max Irons.

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‘I loved the riding part,’ he says, suddenly turning sentimental.

‘They wanted me to keep my stunt horse, he was called Fuego, because he was retiring.

Samuel West (Timothy West/Prunella Scales) The versatile actor/director has appeared in everything from Howards End to Eternal Law.