Start Github graphs not updating

Github graphs not updating

There are many different combinations in which entities can become nodes, links or properties of nodes and links.

More detail on this process is in our blog post Building Great Network Visualizations.

We decided to look at the relationships between individual contributors and files within a single repository, meaning we could sketch this basic model: Git Hub collaboration mapped to a graph structure: contributors and files are nodes, links are commits.

Links are colored dynamically from a scale of red to green, where red means the commit has removed more lines than added lines, green means the commit has added more lines than removed lines and yellow has roughly equivalent additions/removals.

Data slurped and model (loosely) defined, we can get start building the application.

For easy demonstration purposes we decided to visualize just the last 10 days of commits to the Neo4j repository.

(That said, there’s no reason that the whole repository could not be visualized in Key Lines.

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to speak about Key Lines and graph visualization at Graph Connect SF 2014.