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Her mother, Clotilde, née van Ronzelen (1853–1911), known as "Sonni", was also Protestant, of Dutch origin.

In 1926, Karen and Oskar separated; they would divorce several years later.

Through her fellow student Carl Müller-Braunschweig - who later became a psychoanalyst - she met the business student Oskar Horney. The couple moved to Berlin together, where Oskar worked in industry while Karen continued her studies at Charité.

Within the space of one year, Karen gave birth to her first child and lost both of her parents. Her first analyst was Karl Abraham in 1910, then she moved to Hanns Sachs. The first, born in 1911, was Brigitte Horney, who became a famous actress.

Brooklyn was home to a large Jewish community, including a growing number of refugees from Nazi Germany, and psychoanalysis thrived there.

It was in Brooklyn that Karen became friends with analysts such as Harry Stack Sullivan and Erich Fromm.

She had a sexual relationship with Fromm that ended bitterly.

While living in Brooklyn she taught and trained analysts in New York City, working both at the New School for Social Research and the New York Psychoanalytic Institute.

She suffered the first of several bouts of depression — an issue that would plague her for the rest of her life.