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The new nasty, Linux/IRCTelnet discovered by security researchers at Malware Must, like the infamous Mirai botnet before it relies on default hard-coded credentials to spread across vulnerable devices.

"The botnet is having Do S attack mechanism like UDP flood, TCP flood, along with other attack methods, in both IPv4 and IPv6 protocol, with extra IP spoof option in IPv4 or IPv6 too." The source code used to build this botnet malware is based on the earlier Aidra botnet, according to Malware Must

Hard-coded Italian language messages in the user's communication interface suggest that the author of the retro-fitted malware is an Italian speaker.

Whether Linux/IRCTelnet is effective at spreading much less attacking systems is so far unclear.

On the final day of the three-day conference, located under an East London railway arch, which rumbled every 10 minutes as London Overground services rattled overhead, 80 people crammed themselves into the stifling space to hear what’s hot and what’s not in the Internet of Things (Io T).