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Dating wardrobe chest

Models made with brass banding are referred to as "brass bound" Jenny Linds.

They were covered in leather and hide and usually ornamented with brass tacks.

They were lined with a printed paper or often old newspapers.

In the late 1840s and 1850s leather covered trunks were popular with iron bands and large brass "studs" or "buttons".

Some people referred to these as "gold rush trunks" with the large brass studs symbolizing large gold nuggets.

Large and tall trunks for clothes and shoe storage were Wardrobe trunks, most containing hangers and drawers.

Large flat top trunks with drawers were known as Bureau or Dresser trunks.

Some also refer to these trunks as "stagecoach" trunks as they were also used for stagecoach travel.

Another trunk style which developed in the mid 1800's was the Saratoga Trunk.

Early trunk catalogs and ads describe Saratoga trunks as a "large round top of the highest class".

Round top and barrel top trunks were made in a wide range of sizes and coverings.

Trunks were made in a large variety of shapes and sizes and from many materials and date back to pre-medieval times.