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Evidences suggest the plains vizcacha Lagostomus maximus as the putative producer of the burrow.

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in the burrow produced by Lagostomus maximus could be related to a circumstantial use.

Mammal burrows are a significant taphonomic mode for the late Cenozoic of the Argentine Pampas Data provided are for informational purposes only.

Before burial, specimens were affected by diverse biostratinomic processes, according to the particular characteristics of each preservational context.

After burial, the specimens were modified by the same fossil-diagenetic processes.

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Such co-occurrencewas considered controversial, since there is a long-standing and quasi-general consensus that eggs of the Megaloolithus oogenus were laid by titanosaurian sauropods.

We present several alternative scenarios to account for the co-occurrence of Telmatosaurus hatchling remains and megaloolithid eggs in the nesting horizons and explore these alternative hypotheses by weighing the arguments supporting or contradicting them.

The taphonomical investigations suggest that the Tuştea assemblage is made up of attritionally accumulated politaxic remains and that it is a parautochthonous assemblage with no evidence for significant bone transport or reworking.