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Adult piss sex chat rooms

Comments on this article Posted by mikael on 09/02/2017 at Dear Sarah and all others I don't know your age at all, but i am sure you will find a way to cope with this MINOR issue (as it really is in reality).

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Posted by Sarah on 12/01/2017 at I have been a bedwetter since i was a kid, it damaged me to the point where i thought about suicide when i was younger, i grew older and the problem got biger, the things i have to hear everyday, the shame i feel when i wake up, people started to wonder why am I still alone, i never let anyone close i know how that ends, no one knows about it except parents and siblings and no one ever will, i never go anywhere, i feel like a piece of crap most times it's all i think about and even if by miracle i stay dry i spend the day wishing it will last forever.

I wear diapers to bed every night for months as I regularly wet the bed but have started to leak so now using Sandra plastic pants over the top these are very soft and quiet no Russel noises and have stopped any leakage !

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September of the same year had a major stroke but survive and became totally urinary and bowl incontinence. In January of 2015 had another major stroke and all hell broke loose was wearing 24/7 by this time.